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About Powerball

You have three options to win the big money in Powerball: Standard, Full System, and Reduced System. Standard is the usual method of playing and is inexpensive enough that you can play casually every week. If you’d like to really dedicate yourself to winning the grand prize, you can opt for the Full System. This allows you to choose your numbers and any combination of them will win as long as you have the numbers correct. You can even choose more than the regular 6 numbers to really give yourself a chance to win the big money.

Even if you don’t have the cash to dole out for the Full System, you can play the Reduced System at a lower cost. Just as with the Full system, any combination of the numbers you win counts, the only difference is you can’t choose more than 6 numbers. There are currently 13 different Reduced System plans to choose from, each giving you a unique possibility of winning.

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